Boxes & Packaging

Space Self Storage sell a full range of packing materials from cardboard storage boxes, moving boxes, archive boxes, bubble wrap, padlocks and furniture covers.  

Our expert staff can also advise on which product would work best for you.

Whether you are storing with us on a short term basis or a longer term we recommend all your goods are packed and wrapped safely and securely.

For more information on Space Self Storage please call us on 07 3352 4242 or email


Archive Box

Dimensions: 390 x 306 x 260

Price: 3.70 ea

Tea chest 2ply

Dimensions: 431 x 406 x 596

Price: 6.00 ea

Book Carton

Dimensions: 406 x 298 x 431

Price: 3.50 ea


Dimensions: 600 x 476 x 1100

Price: 16.00 ea

Picture Carton

Dimensions: 1140 x 75 x 775

Price: 6.00 ea

Flat carton

Dimensions: 960 x 480 x 280

Price: 7.50 ea

Wine carton

Dimensions: 490 x 324 x 175

Price: 5.00 ea


King bed cover

Price: 8.00 ea

Queen bed cover

Price: 7.00 ea

Single bed cover

Price: 6.00 ea

3 seat lounge cover

Price: 6.00 ea

Lounge cover x 2

Price: 8.00 ea

Dining chair cover x 2

Price: 5.00 ea


40mm brass lock

Price: 13.00 ea

50mm brass lock

Price: 17.00 ea

40mm combination lock

Price: 20.00 ea


Bubble wrap

Dimensions: 150 x 100cm

Price: 3.00 ea

Corrugated cardboard

Dimensions: 120 x 100cm

Price: 2.00 ea

Removal blankets

Dimensions: 300x180cm

Price: 12.00 ea

Butchers paper (5kg)

Dimensions: 5kg

Price: 16.50 ea

Butchers paper (2.5kg)

Dimensions: 2.5kg

Price: 10.00 ea

Carry bags x 3

Price: 8.00 ea

Vacuum Sealed Bag (Large)

Dimensions: 120 x 80cm

Price: 8.00 ea

Vacuum Sealed Bag (Small) x2

Dimensions: 90 x 70cm

Price: 10.00 ea


Brown tape

Dimensions: 75m

Price: 4.00 ea

Pistol grip tape dispenser

Price: 18.00 ea

Economy tape dispenser

Price: 9.00 ea

Marking pen

Price: 2.50 ea

Packaging knife

Price: 2.50 ea

Fragile stickers

Price: 0.20 ea

Utility Rope

Dimensions: 10m

Price: 5.00 ea

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